Most body shops offer discounts back to insurance companies to be on their "direct repair program" yet these savings are never passed on to you, the customer. A recent independent study found almost every major insurance company in Michigan has had record profits, despite the bad economy.  Click here to see the article.

Jackson Collision of Michigan simply decided to give those discounts back to you!

Your insurance company may try to "demand" that you take your car to one of their direct repair shops, and even use stall or intimidation tactics.  Don't fall for this.  It's devised so they can recap the savings instead of you.

Some phrases you might hear:

"We cannot guarantee the repairs if you go to another shop"
"We cannot inspect your car for several days"
Our preferred shop can start on repairs immediately"

Now let's cover some of those myths:

We guarantee all parts and workmanship. In fact, the insurance company does not provide the guarantee, WE DO!  WE ALWAYS HAVE and WE ALWAYS WILL, for as long as you own the vehicle.

No insurance company inspects cars immediately.  It takes about two to three days to order parts at best, so repairs cannot be "started immediately" anyway.  We will evaluate the damage and order the parts even while waiting for the insurance company so when they do complete the inspection we can start with repairs. This is No different than their "preferred" shop.

So, as you can see, the only sensible choice is JACKSON COLLISION CENTER.  Conveniently located at:  735 E. South Street, Jackson, MI 49203. Call today!    517-784-6825



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